A Grown Up’s Guide to ‘The Witcher’ Franchise

The Witcher debuted with a short story back in 1986 written by series creator Andrzej Sapkowski. Premiering in a fantasy anthology magazine, it was the author’s first published work, followed by novels, comics, video games, and its own TV series. 

Featuring the complex world-building of any fantasy great but centered around a particularly charismatic lead in the lovably standoffish Geralt of Rivia, this is truly a series that has something for everyone, regardless of your preferred medium. 

Monster Slayer (Mobile Game)

This AR game invites players to become monster slayers in their own right, allowing you to become a Witcher yourself and fight any number of macabre creatures. Featuring a Pokemon Go! style format, it encourages fans to take to the real world and battle monsters on various street corners and hotspots. 

Season of Storms (Novel)

This novel shows him losing and making choices that aren’t necessarily good, making it a moody read that fleshes out some of the earlier novels. 

Lady of the Lake (Novel)

This is ostensibly the conclusion of Yennefer, Ciri, and Geralt’s collective arc, though, naturally, there is plenty of space for flashback novels in the future. Ciri tells the story of a battle in which she and her adopted guardians, Yennefer and Geralt, fought against a great wizard. 

Season 1 (TV series)

This is the kind of fantasy series where it felt destined to get its own TV show ultimately, and it’s kind of surprising it took as long as it did. Still, however, the dominos had to fall to give us Netflix’s The Witcher. We’re fine with it because it was worth the wait.