A Guide to Acquiring a Car Without Spending Money

Not every city or town has an excellent public transportation system, so cars are still the primary way of getting around for many Americans.

For low-income households, single parents, or disabled folks, it isn't always easy getting from point A to B without a reliable vehicle. On the plus side, there are many organizations out there helping people in need get free cars.

Many agencies and 501c non-profit organizations help people who cannot afford the heavy costs associated with car ownership. These charities are providing accessible vehicles to struggling families.

If you fit the eligibility and are awarded a free vehicle, it can change your financial situation for the better. These organizations are here to help.


The organization will look at your qualifications and need and make an assessment. They will notify you of their decision within 30 days.


OnlineCarDonation.org is another charitable organization that helps provide free cars to struggling families. It is a part of the WithCauses.org organization.

1-800 Charity Cars

The organization will pay for repairs and towing services for the vehicle before giving it to the family. They make it workable for the families without costing them additional income to have the car working.


Cars4Heroes is an organization designed to help out first responders and military veterans and their families.

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