Guillermo del Toro Movies Ranked and Where to Stream Them

Guillermo del Toro exists on a higher plane, creating jaw-dropping realms of horror and passion through a unique lens. 

With del Toro’s new film, Nightmare Alley, we thought we’d take a look back at del Toro’s career so far, ranking his movies from worst to best in preparation for del Toro’s next project. 


A young del Toro was recruited by Miramax to helm Mimic, a sci-fi horror movie with a considerably larger budget than any other project del Toro had worked on prior.

Blade II

In 2002, del Toro's love for comic books would pay off in one of his earliest, most financially successful films, Blade II. 

Pacific Rim

It remains an intelligent, lovingly-made movie that earned praise from numerous horror, sci-fi, and kaiju fans, including fellow filmmaker Rian Johnson.


Nearly twenty years later, and even after the subsequent thirty MCU movies that followed, Hellboy remains a very different sort of superhero movie, one that was equally funny as it was horror-centric.