Before ‘Harry’s House’ Drops,

Here’s Every Harry Styles Song Ranked

In preparation for the upcoming release of Harry’s House, I have decided to put out my ranking of all of Harry Styles’ songs from my least favorite to my favorite.

It has some of the pretty lyrics where Harry Styles sings “We don't talk about it. It's something we don't do. ‘Cause once you go without it, nothing else will do.”

Meet Me In The Hallway

It’s a song about loss and hating the person you used to be with going on and finding happiness outside of your relationship without you.


It’s hard to listen to at times because it isn’t a happy song, it’s all about the pain of losing a relationship and, in part, losing part of yourself in the meantime.

From the Dining Table


“She” is a song about imagining a double life or dreaming of something that isn’t yours. The man in the song lives his life the same every day but he daydreams of something greater.

Everyone on this planet has probably heard “Sign of the Times” and if not, they are lying.

Sign of the Times

It’s about finding that person to bring you home and love you even when you’re being stubborn. The kind of love that is understanding and bold while still fresh and something that they have to work for.

Sweet Creature

It is a song that has had a lot of back and forth between fans on its meaning, many thinking it is talking about intimate aspects of a relationship, but the song became a mainstream success and one that fans love to sing along to.

Watermelon Sugar

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