10 Reasons for Americans To Hate Electric Vehicles

44% of Americans say they would rather pay $10 a gallon for gas than drive an electric car. Why such strong feelings?

Transition to clean transportation? We would rather not. But why?  Here are ten reasons to hate EVs.

Range Anxiety

The average range for a new EV is 250 miles, while the average range for a full gas tank is 400 miles. This means that I will have to worry about refueling about twice as much when I’m driving an electric vehicle.

Charging Infrastructure

There are over 150,000 gas stations conveniently located throughout the United States. But there are only about 50,000 charging stations.

According to The Zebra, the average new car costs around $34,000. But the average electric car? Those cost an astounding average of $67,000.

Upfront Costs

Limited Model Options

As of March 2023, there are only 40 electric models available on the market. Now, there are a lot more options coming out in 2024, but the reality is that there are just not many electric options out right now.

Home Charging

Did you know that home chargers cost extra? Tack an additional grand onto that $67,000. And then you have to pay for professional home installation on top of that, which is another $500 – $1200. 

Lack of Knowledge

If I have issues with my electric car, not only am I lost, but there seem to be no mechanics who are willing to dig into the issues of an electric vehicle. 

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