Haunted Airbnb Host Shares Insight About Spooky Stay

When September rolls around, spooky season fanatics rejoice for pumpkin-spiced lattes, Halloween-themed entertainment, haunted houses, and hayrides.

As Spooky Season approaches its magnum opus, more and more people seek out haunted activities. And although haunted activities operate year-round, generally, eerie entertainment sees an uptick in interest during September and October.

Airbnb emerged as a bed and breakfast scene in 2008 out of San Francisco. Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk founded the multi-billion dollar company permitting landlords and house owners to rent properties via different methods than traditional real estate methods.

Eerily Growing Busine

John Tarrow is the creative director at the Talliston House and Gardens and author of The Stranger’s Guide to Talliston — and he hosts a supposedly haunted Airbnb.

Forget Hill House

“The Haunted Bedroom” received its sobriquet due to the passing of seven-year-old Jack MacPherson within its quarters. Victorian garb rests in the armoire, and framed pictures of Jack and his family adorn the walls.

Death Becomes Them

When guests book a stay through Airbnb, they choose their dates and pick the room they wish to stay in. Tarrow stated that no guests had ever left before their visit concluded due to hauntings, but some guests booked a stay in one room, but stay in a guest room instead.

The Thrill of the Stay

Visitors choose three rooms out of the 13 to sleep in, but during their sojourn, they have an open range of all rooms. In addition to “Jack spottings,” Tarrow mentioned other supernatural sightings reported by visitors.

Both hosting and visiting haunted, or reportedly haunted, Airbnbs opens both parties to the possibilities of the universe. According to Tarrow, working as a host taught him to “never confirm or deny the existence of ghosts.

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