Haunted Airbnb Host Shares Insight About Spooky Stays

Airbnb emerged as a bed and breakfast scene in 2008 out of San Francisco. Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, and Nathan Blecharczyk founded the multi-billion dollar company permitting landlords and house owners to rent properties via different methods than traditional real estate methods.

Airbnb even has a special category for extraordinary stays – and is always looking for new ones.

Forget Hill House

John Tarrow is the creative director at the Talliston House and Gardens and author of The Stranger’s Guide to Talliston — and he hosts a supposedly haunted Airbnb.

The Talliston House lies in the middle of Essex in England. Talliston’s website claims the house began as an unassuming dwelling in the countryside.

John Tode (one of Tarrow’s pen names, along with John Trevillian) stumbled upon the house in October of 1990 and decided to rebuild, reconstruct, and redesign 13 rooms, each plucked from a different time and space of the world.

The layout of the rooms on a map forms a labyrinth, including period pieces from New Orleans, Cambodia, and Italy, to name a few.

Tarrow rents out the “Haunted Bedroom,” “The Cabin,” and “The Room of Dreams.” Each room contains artifacts collected from the geographical locations the rooms pull inspiration from.

For instance, “The Haunted Bedroom” relays the tale of “The Ravensbrae Manor,” a Scottish, sixteenth-century Gothic room resting atop a cliff. Crests decorate the walls of this 16th-century Art-nouveau room featuring a four-poster bed as the centerpiece.

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