7 Funeral Alternatives That Are Cheaper Than Burial

One of the inevitable facts of life is that one day, life will end for all of us. Yes. It's super depressing, and it's a thought that most people don't like to linger on for too long, but when was the last time you really thought about what type of funeral you want to have?

Never? Okay. Maybe today is the day to think about it or, at least, think about thinking about it…

Traditional Funerals Are Becoming More Expensive

Bankrate.com reports that the median cost for a traditional funeral (embalming, casket, tombstone, etc) was nearly $8,000 in the United States in 2021.

The majority of the cost of a traditional funeral comes from the funeral home itself and you'll pay for every service they provide. Many services are also up-sold as well (did you know most caskets are marked up a ridiculous 900%??!).

Imagine the savings if you can cut out that middleman altogether. There are ways to do this and save a bundle.


Even at rock-bottom prices, FuneralTips.com tells us that most cremations are still going to cost between $1,000-1,600. Foregoing a memorial service and keeping the urn simple will save a few more bucks.

Green Burial

Green burials aim to forgo all the luxuries in death, shun chemical preservatives, and advocate simply getting dropped into the ground with minimal environmental impact.

Home Burial

Similar to a green burial, another low-cost alternative to a traditional funeral is the home burial. A home burial cuts out the middleman altogether and the family handles all the arrangements.

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