Have a Side Gig? Wanna Make More Money?

Having a successful side hustle is more than just knowing about your niche. It’s a set of measured steps to help you secure clients, keep your rates competitive, master your craft and maintain a funnel of potential clients.

In 2017, freelancers contributed $1 trillion to the American economy, and with more than 57 million freelancers, that’s an average of $17,544 per freelancer. Imagine adding that to your annual income by working a healthy side hustle.

Do you have a passion for graphic design? Do you constantly critique ways you could improve a website either visually or analytically? Do you find yourself fixing typos or improving grammar in your head? Anything you have in your skillset can be a lucrative side hustle if you know where and how to start.

5) Passion and Why

4) Taxes

No one likes to talk about taxes, but if you have a side hustle that earns you more than $600 in a given calendar year, you’ll need to know a bit about taxes. The self-employment tax rate for the US is around 15%. You get taxed 7.5% as an employer and 7.5% as an employee.

3)  Gone for Good

Not everyone wants to turn their side gig into a full-time income. Some want to eventually dedicate time to building a business from their side hustle. Don’t make the mistake of killing your 6-12 and think that a transition is easy when considering quitting your 9-5.

2) Package Deal

Sometimes getting more money out of your side hustle means helping fellow freelancers. Suppose you’re a content creator, for instance, and you know someone great at graphic design and someone who’s a whiz at website coding. In that case, you can create a package deal for new businesses that will get them all three services for a nice flat fee.

1) The Ultimate How-To

Once you’ve got some experience and great testimonials to prove you know what you’re talking about, consider helping out fresh freelancers by writing a smooth, helpful How-To article. These can be specified as part of your process or, more general, dealing with freelancing as a broader topic.

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