How to Have Fun with 80s Makeup

In the 80s, people looked and dressed very differently! I'm talking neon colors on shoes and clothing, with bright eyeshadow and lip colors.

80s makeup allowed all genders to express themselves without judgment and show their creativity. It was a much different time!

What was the most popular makeup look in the 80s?

Many women from different industries, like pop stars, models, and actresses, were considered fashion icons in the 80s.

Pop Stars

One of the most popular singers in the 80s, Madonna used to sport various styles throughout the decade. The exaggerated beauty mark, heavy eyeliner, bright red lips, and bushy brows were notable.

Cyndi Lauper, another pop star, wore wildly colorful makeup and clothing. Her eyeshadow was always multi-colored and bright, often extending past the eye area.


Grace Jones, an actor and model in the 80s, was known for sporting neon-colored eyeshadow.

Christie Brinkley, known as the Uptown Girl, a song written for her by her husband at the time, often sported blue eyeliner and eyeshadow in the shades of purple and green.

80s makeup is not just for dressing up. It's making a comeback! Makeup trends are taking inspiration from 80s trends, but with a modern take.

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