The Importance of Having a Backup Plan

Backup plans are your lifeline when things don’t go right. Without a backup plan, you risk digging yourself into a costly hole.

In life, so many things can and will go wrong. Our backup plans ensure that we push through and become stronger than ever. It’s essential to plan for the unexpected.

There are three main areas of life everyone should have a backup plan in case something goes wrong. Here's where you should be anticipating future disaster, and some different ways you can protect yourself.

Update your resume by regularly adding new experiences, education, and achievements. When your resume is current, you can start applying for jobs tomorrow if you unexpectedly lose your job today.

How to Back Up Your Career

Stay close with successful people in your network. Imagine this: you lose your job tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be nice to call Judy or Michael, whom you had lunch with last week, and take them up on that job opportunity they mentioned?

A great way to protect essential documents is with a fire-proof safe. A safe is a strong and often heavy piece of equipment that is difficult to break into — it protects its contents from natural disasters like fires or floods.

How to Back Up Personal Documents and Photos

The best way to backup your finances is by keeping an emergency fund. Emergency funds are separated pots of money used in the case of an unexpected expense.

How to Back Up Your Finances

For instance, how long could you live without a job if you lost yours tomorrow? The bigger your emergency fund, the less stress you’ll feel if something goes wrong.

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