12 Authentic Fan Reactions to Hayden Christensen’s Return as Darth Vader

Redditor u/tyler980908 shared, “Star Wars on Twitter announced, Hayden Christensen returns as Darth Vader, joining Ewan McGregor in OBI-WAN KENOBI."

This article is a small glimpse into how Reddit feels about Hayden Christensen returning.

Muzzie720 begged, “Please, I've been a good girl, and it's been a helluva year. Please let Ahsoka meet Force-Ghost Anakin (Hayden). It's all I want.” CopperMTNkid suggested, “What about a mini-series with Hayden and Rosario?”

This and Ahsoka Series, I’m Buzzing!

One Redditor replied, ” HECK, 40-year-old me is going insane.” Crusty_butter_roll chimed in, “Ah jeez, 54-year-old me is crying like a child.” Another Reddit user posted, “41-year-old me is cr*pping his pants in delight!”

10-Year-Old Me – Is Going Insane!

ShikRyumaho said, “I wish he got to play more of the happy times too. I like Ewan and Hayden when they are a buddy cop duo, and I love Kenobi and Anakin in The Clone Wars show.”

Justice for My Man Hayden!

Seanyseanerson replied, “I hope a major plot point in the movie is Darth having a small amount of sand inside his suit and not being able to take it off to get it out without dying.”

I Suddenly Like Sand Again!

One Redditor commented, “I wonder. Are we going to see pre-armor Vader scenes? Post-armor Vader with mutilated Hayden Anakin? Pre-Vader flashbacks? The potential is significant.” 

Internet Says the Series Takes Place Ten Years After The Rise of Starwalker

SoDakZak commented, “I think that would be the first post to cross 500k upvotes on Reddit, tbh.” Petulafaerie simply replied, “Perfection!” Lliddle disagreed, “You are utterly delusional.”

I Hope the Trailer Is Just Obi-wan Saying “Hello!” to a Silhouette of Vader.

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