Hayden Christensen’s Best Non-Star Wars Roles

From lead roles in romantic comedies to gritty, violent dramas, Hayden showed his range beyond the confines of a galaxy far, far away. While the movies listed are not all his film roles, these are Hayden Christensen’s best non-Star Wars roles.


Christensen approaches this role with swagger and enthusiasm, and it’s clear that his chemistry with his character’s romantic interest, played by Rachel Bilson, who later became his fiancée in real life, is authentic.


Another critically panned film starring Hayden Christensen was 2007’s Awake. Christensen plays Clay Beresford, Jr., a young billionaire who needs a heart transplant.


While most critics took issue with the script’s more cliche elements, Christensen’s portrayal of cocky, smart A.J. makes his sacrifice toward the film’s end much more meaningful.

Shattered Glass

Based on the true story of real-life journalist Stephen Glass, Shattered Glass is perhaps Hayden Christensen’s most critically acclaimed role after his introduction as Anakin Skywalker.

Life as a House

Christiansen’s portrayal of Sam’s growth from a resentful young man with problematic behavior to trying to mend his relationship with his father earned him a Best Supporting Actor nomination in both the Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild.

Factory Girl

Another supporting role for Christensen was his turn as Billy in Factory Girl. Sienna Miller plays 1960s film star and socialite Edie Sedgwick, and Hayden Christensen plays folk singer Billy Quinn, a character loosely based on Bob Dylan.

The Virgin Suicides

While his role in The Virgin Suicides is small, the movie’s cult following won’t soon forget the importance of his character. Christensen plays Jake Hill Conley, a friend of Trip Fontaine, the main love interest of Lux Lisbon, played by Kirsten Dunst.

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