Healthy Snacking Just Got Better With These Salty Treats

Have a hankering for salt? Salty snacks satisfy cravings, but some don’t contain the healthiest ingredients. Here is a list of ten healthy, salty snacks to satiate your salt tooth.  

The best thing about nuts is the variety. Whether you want a sweeter macadamia nut or a more dry walnut, nuts can hit just about every craving. Adding salt to the already flavorful snack enhances the flavor and gives you that snap of seasoning. 

Salted Nuts

Edamame is great. The bean is healthy and contains several health benefits, including high protein levels, fiber, and fatty acids, which can reduce heart disease risk and lower cholesterol.


Although fans of olives have an equal amount of haters, the briny snack provides a slew of health benefits, along with satisfying salt content. Olives hold a tremendous amount of Vitamin E, which helps vision and blood health. Plus, olives are excellent antioxidants. 


The best part about avocado is the myriad ways you can use the fruit. Chop it up for some guacamole, slice it up, throw it on toast, and eat it plain.


Not movie popcorn. No, we’re talking straight from the kernel, popped-on-the-stove kind of popcorn. All you need to make healthy popcorn is a bag of kernels and your choice of seasoning.


The best options for salty seed snacks are pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. You can purchase a bag of unsalted seeds and add your salt to the mix, or you can invest in pre-salted bags of tasty seeds.


All you need is a can of garbanzo beans and your preferred seasoning. Drain the chickpeas, season them, and bake. Once browned and crispy, remove the chickpeas and enjoy the delightful snack.  

Roasted Chickpeas

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