How To Drive Website Traffic with No-Cost Media Relations

When most people think about getting publicity, they think in terms of luck or dollar signs. The former is unreliable, and the latter isn’t always accessible.

Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

What is HARO? It’s a FREE online service for journalists to receive helpful feedback from the public.

Your job is to quickly and effectively catch the journalist up to speed on why you are the best source for their story.

As you can see, most journalists are clear about their expectations. After skimming HARO, if you are strapped for time, I recommend copying relevant pitches and pasting them into a draft. 

It feels fantastic to send off pitches into the abyss. The worst part is waiting to hear back. While some journalists will let you know that they included you in their story, most don’t take the time to send you an email.

Create images with the journalist’s direct quote about your company or take a screenshot of the publication and share it to drum up excitement.