Do You Make Good Money, but You’re Not Rich Yet? You Might be a HENRY.

What does it mean to be “rich”? 

In the past, if you earned six figures (over $100,000 a year), you were automatically considered “rich,” but that has changed over time with the emergence of HENRYs. 

HENRY stands for “High Earner Not Rich Yet” and is used to describe (typically) young workers who make a lot of money (from $250,000 – $500,000 household income)...

...yet haven’t been able to build meaningful wealth due to various expenses like student loans, childcare, taxes, and more. 

A study by Financial Advisor magazine found that one out of every four families making over $150,000 is living paycheck to paycheck.  

Why is it that even for these “big earners,” saving money is so hard?