Here’s What Won’t Land You The Job — 8 Red Flags for Hiring Manager

Hiring managers have to figure out how to narrow the field to the most qualified individuals. 

If you want to stay in the running, don’t get taken out early by committing one of these interview process “sins” that cover communication pitfalls, forgetting to bring the energy to the interviews, and cringeworthy interview outfit choices.

Avoid these common red flags, and you’ll be sure to go far in the interview process—and maybe find yourself with a new job offer on a robust career path.

If a hiring manager reads your email, they should get the impression that you are articulate, can get to the point, and communicate clearly, yet in an actionable way, because you respect their time is valuable.

1. Poor Email Etiquette.

Coker says that growing up, he knew he wanted to be a paratrooper and jump out of planes. He accomplished this at age 19 when he jumped out of his first plane. 

2. Unprofessional Interview Attire.

Hiring managers want candidates who are excited about the role, genuinely interested in the company, and do a great job demonstrating they’re a good fit.

3. Not Enough or Too Much Interest in a Position.

Hiring managers understand hopping from one company to another due to layoffs or moving in search of higher pay and titles—to a point.

4. Frequent Job Hopping.

So the interview is going great. You’ve answered all the hiring manager’s questions and shown how you can deliver.

5. No Follow-up Questions.

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