14 Creative Pranks To Keep Your Family in Stitches

Unleash the Giggles:

Do you come from a family of pranksters, and you're looking for some new, harmless ways to mess with others? You're not the only one.

Recently, someone requested assistance with some new prank ideas. Here are the top-voted responses.

Carefully Step Over a Non-Existent Obstacle

A person shared that their friend used to do this with his car at red lights. He would carefully steer out of the way of nothing, and the rest of the cars behind him would do the same.

Saying No Pun Intended When There Wasn't a Pun

Say no pun intended after a sentence where there was no pun. This will undoubtedly confuse whoever you are talking to. 

Left to Right Handshake

When you shake someone's hand, move yours left to right as they do the traditional up and down. Someone else mentioned offering a “dead fish hand,” where you provide your hand but make no effort to move it.

Masking Tape Mouse

Put a tiny piece of masking tape over your friend or co-worker's mouse laser. More likely than not, they'll troubleshoot everything on their computer except for looking at the mouse.

Don't Turn Around

Don't turn around when you walk into an elevator. Face the wall rather than the doors, and look at the reactions of those around you. 

Only Ask Questions When Mouths Are Full

When conversing during a meal, only ask questions to people actively chewing. Every waiter in the world seems to use that trick when asking me if everything is okay. 

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