Hobbies That Make Money: 25 Examples You Can Start Now

Hobbies are activities we enjoy doing when we have spare time. These activities help us develop skills and talent, make friends with similar interests, reduce stress, and provide an extra stream of income. 

Many hobbies that make money are win-win situations for your wallet. It may be time for you to consider monetizing your talent either as a side hustle or full-time. 


There are many ways to land some writing jobs online as a side hustle. It is easier to have a professional blog to point to your work. However, you can start by doing cold pitches and contacting editors online. 


Photography is a great hobby to make money as a side hustle or a career. You can sell or license your photos online or to companies that specialize in your area of expertise. 

Flying Drones

This choice is fascinating as a hobby and to make extra money flying a drone with photography and videography capabilities. You can create content to sell to real estate, agriculture, TV, and media. 

Gardening and Landscaping

Gardening is a hobby with many benefits. Besides encouraging you to work outdoors, gardening is a form of moderate exercise (if you work 2.5 hours) suitable for your mind and body.