5 Horror Film Franchises That Got Better Later in the Series

Are there any scary movie franchises that you believe get better later in the series? 

Redditor u/KungPowChicken23 asked, “What horror franchises do you think got progressively worse with each entry?”

In a strange turn of events, the comment section voted to name which horror movie franchises got better in their progression, not worse. So here are the top franchises voted as getting better with time. 

Redditor theneuneu admitted, “I don't know about better, but Psycho II and Psycho III were very consistent and good. Psycho IV isn't terrible, either.”

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Redditor grandmothertoon stated, “Child's Play if you ignore the third one.” PekoPekoPekoPekoyama said, “Yeah, I agree; three is the only one I can say I don't enjoy.”

Child's Play – 8 Films and a TV Series

ImaginarySnowleopard pondered, “Hmm, maybe Evil Dead. One was great, Two was amazing, and Three is hilarious.” Redditor eddieswiss added, “The remake/requel is excellent too.”

Evil Dead – 4 Films and a TV Series

Insearchofmedium exclaimed, “A Nightmare on Elm Street! The third film, Dream Warriors, was my favorite movie, but the original was iconic.”

A Nightmare on Elm Street – 9 Freddy Krueger Movies

Walk-Material had the winning response, “Friday the 13th didn't peak until the 3rd one.” StarWolf478 disagreed, “That wasn't the peak. The peak was either the 4th one or the 6th one.” They elaborated, “I sometimes like to think of them as two equal peaks with a little valley between them.”

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