Hot Cartoon Characters Who Will Love



Betty Rubble

Betty Rubble is one of the most beautiful women of the Stone Age. She has a charming voice and wears a blue ribbon in her hair that makes her look cuter. 

Milo Thatch

Milo Thatch is a young explorer who, in the movie Atlantis: The Lost Empire, joins an expedition to find a lost island. Milo is someone who is not only charming and likable but also impressively dedicated to his beliefs and ideas.



Daphne Anne Blake

Daphne Anne Blake is one of the most important characters of the long-running cartoon series Scooby Doo. She is known for her popular fashion sense, red-orange hair, and knack for getting into trouble

Prince  Eric

Prince Eric is based on the character from Hans Christian Andersen's literary work, The Little Mermaid. In the story, Prince Eric is a dashing and dynamic prince of a kingdom by the seas.



Raven is a popular character that kids (mostly girls) love to pretend to be. She is often seen as the dark and mysterious one, with her violet eyes and hair.




Leela is a brave and daring woman who does not take shit from anyone. She is also a good learner, frequently learning from her mistakes. 


Lana Kane 

Lana Kane is one of the main characters on the show Archer. She is a tall, gorgeous black lady with brown hair and pink lips. Lana is a secret agent at The International Secret Intelligence Service.