20 Hot Jobs That Pay More Than $200,000 a Year

From capitalizing on real estate properties to building your own company, earning a $200,000 – $500,000+ yearly salary is not at all impossible.

You only have to acquire an excellent level of the necessary skillset required in the job and a considerable length of experience in the field.

So if you are wondering what are the highest-paying jobs in the world right now, then here are twenty jobs that pay over five hundred thousand dollars a year.

With the nature of the job, a CEO must possess excellent leadership, management, strategic planning, and decision-making skills. These crucial requirements of the position are highly-rewarded financially.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Real estate developers earn a salary by developing new neighborhoods and communities. They also look for real estate properties with good potential for commercial development.

Real Estate Developer

While this may come with high risk, you can increase your chances for success through doing thorough research about your business pursuit.


Plastic surgeons are licensed doctors who spent years in medical studies and practice. Aside from the high academic standard, becoming a surgeon is also challenging because medical school is expensive.

Plastic Surgeon

A Chief Financial Officer's job is to direct and oversee the business investments, debt level management, and financing options.

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

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