How ‘Bridgerton’ Ushered Romance into 2021

Unlike the book, Bridgerton tells a wider story. 

Where romance novels of this sort generally focus on the central couple, with their friends and family only occupying a supportive peripheral role, Bridgerton expands the roles of Daphne’s elder brothers Anthony, Benedict, and Colin, as well as that of her younger sister Eloise. 

Structurally, from a television standpoint, this makes sense. The supporting cast needs to do more than fill the background and populate the lives of the central couple. 

But the reason this was such a wonderful choice for me personally, and why it cemented Bridgerton as one of my best of 2021, was because of how much I love the other characters. 

Daphne and Simon’s story is the perfect one with which to kick off the series and establish the world they live in.

Because outside of some inner turmoil, angst, and an astounding combination of naivete and communication issues, not a whole lot happens. Certainly not enough to sustain eight episodes of television.