Is Your Insecurity Ruining Your Relationship?

Experts Share How to Tell

Doubts will always exist in a relationship, no matter how much the two partners love each other. The doubts come and go or linger.

Sometimes your doubts are unfounded, and sometimes maybe not. The first step in overcoming your relationship uncertainties is pinpointing their source and causes. But this can be a tricky endeavor.

So, seven relationship experts share how to know if your doubts result from your insecurities or your partner's behavior. Here's what they have to say.

If you're having specific doubts that are related to not feeling like you're “enough” in one way or another, that's a sure sign that they are related to your insecurities. For example, you might not feel “attractive enough” or “smart enough.”

Find Out How You Feel About Yourself

The more aware you are of your own past hurts, traumas, or behavior patterns, the more you can recognize where you “end” and the other person in the relationship “begins".

Be Aware of Your Past

It helps if someone can identify their own insecurities, which, when shared with their partner, often takes a lot of vulnerability that can be uncomfortable or embarrassing.

Know Your Insecurities

The best way to solve any issue in a relationship is to have patience with your relationship and regularly discuss with your partner to find ways you can solve the issue together.

Communicate To Find Out

Doubt is rarely the real problem in a relationship. A lack of communication tends to be the true issue.

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