How DC Comics Handled Jon Kent’s Story After Coming Out

When DC Comics announced in October that Jonathan Kent, the new Superman, was bisexual, it was headline news in mainstream venues from CNN to Fox. 

By the time of the release of the actual comic in November, much of the excitement had died down, though. 

Reading Superman: Son of Kal-Eli #5, what’s striking about the actual moment when Jon Kent kisses reporter Jay Nakamura is how anticlimactic it is. 

There’s no big declaration in which Jon says, “I am bisexual!” They have a moment on the couch, and smile at each other, and then Superman has to go deal with a crisis. 

It’s quiet and sweet, and then the story whooshes on. 

Writer Tom Taylor has built the story so far out of a lot of awesome anticlimaxes. Jon Kent wants to focus more on root causes than his dad; he’d rather lead on climate change than punch supervillains.