So, How Does Honey Make Money

For the uninitiated, Honey is an online shopping tool that helps users lock in the best deals possible on products while they shop. It is a browser extension you can install that automatically searches the web for better deals on anything you may be buying.

Although there are plenty of coupon-finder and discount code sites, Honey leverages the latest web tech to take this service to the next level. The tool creates a painless experience to help people save some extra money without any additional thinking or steps.

Coupon and deal apps are nothing new. There are plenty of sites that offer side-by-side comparisons of different products, brands, or prices. However, Honey takes things further and removes all the work from the equation.

Instead of a standalone website or app, Honey operates primarily as a browser extension. Once you install Honey, you never need to “go to” a particular site to use it.

While you shop, it automatically searches its deep database for cheaper options. In doing so, it cuts out all the work of several separate cost-cutting measures on your purchase:

– Searching for coupons      and promo code – Comparison shopping      across thousands of      online retailer – Comparing Amazon      sellers for the best deals      within the platform

The tool even offers price tracking for more patient shoppers. For example, if you have your eye on something you aren’t ready to buy yet, you can set up what Honey calls your “Droplist,” and it will automatically notify you when products drop in price.

Honey didn’t invent the coupon search engine. Instead, they pioneered a tool that takes the thinking, work, and friction out of saving money online. This extension is an easy way to earn free money while you shop without doing tons of research in your spare time.

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