What Are The Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts?

The best-paying jobs in real estate investment trusts are asset manager, development manager, acquisitions manager, and investor relations. While these titles require some experience and know-how, they do not require a degree in real estate.

With that said, a degree in finance, specifically real estate finance, is a great way to get your first opportunity with a real estate investment trust.

Typically, this will be as an analyst, allowing you to work with asset managers, property managers, and other real estate professionals.

As you immerse yourself in real estate investing and learn how it works, you will gain the experience necessary to move up to these top-paying positions.

As an asset manager for a REIT, you'll likely assume duties over a portfolio within a particular sector, such as retail shopping centers, office towers, or industrial parks.

Asset Manager

While asset management jobs consist of maintaining an existing asset, a development manager is in charge of construction when building new facilities.

Development Manager

An acquisitions manager usually has a background as a REIT analyst who is used to looking at thousands of investment opportunities.

Acquisitions Manager

Investor relations allows you to work directly with investors to keep them updated on current assets and financial performance and provide feedback on where the company is headed.

Investor Relations

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