Earning Extra Cash From a Bunk Bed Airbnb Side Hustle

Michael and Jennifer Corbus of Oak Grove, Oregon, used bunk beds to create their profitable side hustle business in their basement—spurred by an urgent need to raise money for the cost of medical care for their special needs daughter.

The Corbus’s began renting out their basement to international exchange students for extra income in 2005. Ten years later, in 2015, they switched to renting bunks on the Airbnb platform for passive income.

They recently published a book, Bunk is Bank: How Bunk Beds Can Create Passive Income for YOU on AIRBNB, which tells their story but also details how others can make passive income by renting bunk beds through Airbnb.

The book details how anyone can start earning income in the same manner they did, including some factors to consider before one decides to take on the same type of business in their home.

Factors To Consider

–  Willingness to clean and make beds. This can be a nightly process during a very busy time but can take as little as 30 minutes.

– Being comfortable with passive income. Many people prefer working a regular job with security and guaranteed income. One must get comfortable making money where much of the work is in its initial setup and the risk of starting a business.

– Liking people. With a constant stream of people coming into your property, a comfort level must exist with the ability to deal with guests of various types of people.

Another consideration is insurance. The Corbus’s shared that their policy has a small rider on their regular policy, adding only a few dollars per month to their regular payments.

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