How Much Is A Nintendo 64 In 2023?

What is a Nintendo 64 worth today? 

Loose Complete-In-Box  Amazon 

$85  $190 $110

Limited Edition Pikachu Nintendo 64

Loose Complete-In-Box  Amazon 

$335 $800 $400

What About Limited Editions And Color Variants?

In the United States alone, Nintendo offered their 64-bit console in six different colors as a part of their “Funtastic” color lineup – orange, purple, blue, green, clear black, and red.

Nintendo also released a limited edition Pikachu Nintendo 64. The Pokémon-themed console came out in a couple of different colors in Japan, but it was only released in dark blue stateside.

Available Colors:

Funtastic Fire Orange Funtastic Grape Purple Funtastic Ice Blue Funtastic Jungle Green Funtastic Smoke / Clear Black Funtastic Watermelon Red Gold Pikachu Dark Blue

Where else can I buy and sell Nintendo 64 games and consoles?

Local used game stores are generally good places to buy and sell used games, consoles, and accessories. They can be hard to come by – specifically in rural areas. Flea markets and pawnshops are also good resources for buying and selling retro consoles, while Goodwill stores and garage sales are underrated gems when it comes to finding great deals.