How Much Is A PS1 In 2023?

PS1 (original)

Loose Complete-In-Box  Amazon 

$48  $240 $43+

PS One

Loose Complete-In-Box  Amazon 

$60 $185 $74+

Because new, in-the-box units are so hard to come by today, there isn't a standard rate for sealed PS1 consoles. That said, expect sellers to ask for hundreds or even thousands of dollars for a brand-new PS1.

How Much Is A PS1 Worth?

Pricing Overview: Console Only: $19-$69 Complete-In-Box: $200-$286 Refurbished: $139 New: ~$850+

What is a PS One worth?

Pricing Overview: Console Only: $40-$190 Complete-In-Box: $140-$203 Refurbished: $130 New: ~$650+

What is the difference between the original PlayStation and the PS One?

In addition to being smaller than the original model, the PS One also was compatible with a 5-inch LCD screen (see on Amazon) that attached itself directly to the console.