How Much Is A Xbox 360 Worth Still Worth it or Not?

On average, the original Xbox 360 sells for $47 based on recently sold eBay listings 


The redesigned Xbox 360 S (or “Slim”) sells for $70.  


The Xbox 360 E, the console's final redesign, sells for $75 on average. 

XBOX 360 e

Hard drive sizes have relatively little effect on the prices of used Xbox 360 consoles, but complete-in-box units sell for considerably more than loose units. 

Not only do all of the Xbox 360 consoles differ cosmetically, but they also have functional differences.

What Are The Differences Between The Different Xbox 360 Models

With the current Xbox consoles supporting a wide range of backward compatibility, it might seem like there is no reason to get an Xbox 360 today – but that's just not true at all. 

Is It Still Worth Buying An Xbox 360 Today?