How to Avoid Scams and Finding Legitimate Job

The pandemic forced many people to work their regular jobs from their homes, and now that offices are opening again, many wish to continue working from home.

For those wanting to continue to work from home or considering work from home for the flexibility it provides, it’s important to find legitimate work-from-home jobs while avoiding ones that are scams.

- Do not pay money upfront. - Asking for debit or credit card information. – An offer occurs after simply filling out a Google form, and/or an interview was only done over chat—no phone call or video chat/interview. - Be wary of pyramid schemes and multilevel marketing ventures.

Avoiding Scam

– A job ad claims that no skills or experience are required. - It offers high pay for little or no work. – A company promises that a business opportunity is surefire and will pay off quickly and easily. – You’re required to pay upfront for training, certifications, directories, or materials.

Warning Signs

One of the largest job websites, Monster, lists tips for avoiding work-at-home scams.

– Indeed’s Advice – Federal Trade Commission Consumer info

Of course, there are legitimate work-from-home opportunities, and knowing how to find them is also important. There are a variety of sites that offer advice on how to find legitimate work-from-home jobs.

Finding Legitimate Opportunities

FlexJobs is one site for job seekers which can help find legitimate work-from-home jobs. They are one of the leading remote work job sites.

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