How to Be More Confident at Work in 21 Steps

Faith in oneself comes from an inner strength developed through positive reinforcement, discipline, and practice.

Unfortunately, no one is born with a golden bag of confidence. So, if you’re struggling, lean in–here are 21 ways to boost your confidence at the office.

Practice Confidence

You can speak up, engage with supportive people, and become more confident in safe environments. Try dressing the part, standing tall, smiling, being friendly, and communicating well.

Identify Your Confidence Trigger

Surround yourself with the people, activities, and things that make you feel good. Then, focus on what you can control and forget the rest.

Accept That You’ll Never Be 100% Confident

You can take control of your actions. Take a moment to recognize that you’ll have good and bad days. Then set reasonable expectations with attainable goals.

Be Specific – What Are You Not Confident In?

Go ahead and recognize where you’re not confident. Be specific. Why aren’t you confident in those situations? What can you do differently? Now stop obsessing over these things.

Uncover What Gives You Confidence

Become obsessed with things that give you confidence. Then, capitalize on them and find ways to integrate these boosts in your faith into what you do regularly.

Think about the days you did feel confident

Focus on how you felt on your most confident days. What did you do differently? What drove you to perform? Look back on those feelings when you’re feeling less confident. Instead, choose to believe in yourself and your abilities.

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