How to Become a Financial Advisor: A Step-By-Step Guide

Simply put, financial advisors help their clients make intelligent financial decisions. 

With a career as potentially lucrative as financial advising, not everyone has what it takes. Some skills that you'll need as a financial advisor include: 

People skills 

As an advisor, you'll be dealing with tons of people in the day-to-day. Having good people skills is crucial to a successful financial advising career. 

Communication skills 

You'll be trying to explain topics like annuities, life insurance, and risk tolerance to people who likely don't have much knowledge in the area. 

Quantitative insight 

It's impossible to create a financial plan without a bit of math. Financial planners must be comfortable working with numbers and data if they wish to succeed. 

Becoming a financial advisor isn't exactly a walk in the park. If it were, everyone would be doing it. So here's how to become a financial advisor, step by step.