How to Cash a Check: Save Money, Time, and Hassles! ($$$)

Do you have a check in hand but aren’t sure how to cash it? Or maybe you have a check but are not near your bank. 

Fortunately, you have several options for how to cash a check, and many of them might be as simple as visiting a business near you. 

The Bank Listed on the Check

Typically, people will cash a check at their bank. This process involves depositing the check in to your bank account, then immediately withdrawing the funds. 

Do it Online

If you do not have a bank account but do have a smartphone, you may be able to cash a check online. If you download an app like PayPal or Ingo, you can deposit money from online and physical checks. 

Walmart Check Cashing

The good news is that creating a budget isn’t the hard part; sticking to it is where most people fall short. 

A Grocery Store

A benefit to using a grocery store is that you likely already visit the grocery store regularly, so you will not have to use your free time to go somewhere else to cash your check 

A Local Gas Station

Many gas stations and convenience stores have proprietary check cashing options. For example, 7-Eleven has the Transact company in which users can download the app, upload photos of their checks, then pick up their funds at a local 7-Eleven. 

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