This Is How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe and Work “Uniform”

The main authority on the capsule wardrobe movement is Caroline Rector who is also the creator of, where you can find tons of resources on creating capsule collections 

She describes a capsule wardrobe like a mini wardrobe of versatile pieces that you love to wear. 

Caroline recommends 37 items as the golden number and varies by season. You should take what you have in your closet now, size it down to 37 wearable items, and then test wear only those items for 3 months. 

Don’t shop for any new items until the next season. 

However, I’ve tweaked this original formula to work for myself (as you should do for yourself as well). 

No 2 people will have the same wardrobe needs so 37 may not work for you. I like to keep mine between 25 to 50 pieces but yours can easily go below 25 or above 50.