How To Create Digital Downloads To Sell Online

Creating online downloadable content has never been easier due to the number of platforms that have started over the last 5 years.

There is a range of different industries where you can sell your digitally created products and not only sell but get inspiration to what you should sell online.

If you have a current skill such as graphic design, you can leverage your skill to make downloads such as an eBook helping others with some graphic design tricks and tips.

You can also make the design for printables such as wall art and t-shirt designs where you can just sell the design, and other people will buy your design so they can gain the rights to use what you have made on any product they may own.

We will mention just a handful of platforms where you can sell online goods for a low cost and immediately get eyeballs on your products and make sales.

Selling Products On Etsy

When it comes to selling anything digital or even physical Etsy is a powerhouse of a platform and is one of the most preferred platforms for artists looking to sell their designs.

When you have signed up with Etsy you can browse around to get inspiration about some of the items you may want to sell there. Once you have a item you want to sell simply create a new listing for it and attach your payment method to Etsy such as Paypal or direct deposits to your bank account.

Selling Digital Downloads On Etsy

If you have skills in an industry and it's more suited to making an ebook or course ebook we would recommend selling the download on Amazon as they are unrivaled when it comes to books and ebooks.

Sell Products On Amazon

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