How To Dress for a Job Interview Using Low-cost Options

Now that many companies have returned to in-person interviewing, chances are that you will have to clothe your full self — top and bottom — rather than the bifurcated video-conference interview outfit pressed from the waist up and rumpled below.

But have no fear. It’s actually possible to look well-put-together while being cost-conscious about your wardrobe selection. The trick is to know where to look for those standout career-boosting items.

Strive for a look that says you’re sharp, competent, and driven without overdrawing on your bank account. Here are some general principles to follow:

You don’t have to splurge on something new. You can update something in your closet with a single, versatile piece that pulls the outfit together. In the transition months between summer and winter, a wool-blend cardigan can be a less pricey choice than a suit jacket or blazer.

Update an Article in Your Closet With a Single Purchase.

Friends don’t let their friends show up poorly attired to their all-important interviews. Friends and family who have made their foray into professional positions probably already have items in their closets that they can lend you.

Borrow Nice Clothing From Your Friends or Family Members.

You will get far better cost-per-wear with dark clothes than their paler counterparts. Because dark clothes hide most dribbles and stains, you can wear them more times without taking them to the dry cleaner.

Stick to Dark Colors.

Choose an outfit that will serve as two pieces down the road. Once you land the job, you can separate the jacket and skirt of the interview suit and wear them with other pieces. Make sure you match them with the other items in your closet.

Make Any Purchases With Your Future Job in Mind.

When you have to spend a bit, make your money go twice as far by purchasing reversible items. Scarves and belts go further when you can reverse the sides. Search online for reversible dresses that take you twice as far.

Look to Double Your Value When Investing in Any Apparel.

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