People Making Money on Instagram Share Their Wealth

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Of the many social media platforms available, Instagram is uniquely positioned as a vehicle for income generation. It is hugely popular and offers numerous ways to make money with many attractive features.

But, ultimately, the reason boils down to its popularity. Since its inception in 2010, this free photo and video sharing app has become one of the top four social media platforms online. With 1 billion active monthly users, Instagram reaches almost 25% of internet users worldwide.

Here are four avenues, and crucial advice, for making money on Instagram from three people currently doing it.

“When approaching sponsored posts, make sure to highlight what problem the product or service helps solve for people,” said Victoria from Motherhood Life Balance. “That way, it comes across as tips or advice, rather than a hard sell.”

Sponsored Posts and Stories

Affiliate marketing is when a content creator promotes a brand’s products or services to your audience and receives a commission every time they buy something through your referral link. An engaged audience, regardless of size, is essential to converting followers into purchasers.

Affiliate Promotions

For example, if you’re an e-commerce store owner, you can post photos, videos, and stories with your products. People on Instagram can be introduced to your products in the app and go to your store to buy them.

Funnel Followers to Your Existing Business

Just as you can monetize YouTube videos by allowing businesses to advertise on them, Instagram lets you do the same. Instagram TV ads pay out 55% of any advertising revenue generated from videos more than 2 minutes long to the creator.

Turn-key Ways to Monetize Content

Don’t wait until you have 50,000 followers to take advantage of this money-making app. While it would be hard to make money on Instagram with fewer than 3,000 followers, remember that engagement trumps numbers.

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