How To Find A Best Realtor To Sell A Home

If you’re not an experienced property investor, look for an agent to represent you. But how do you find the right real estate agent that will be a good fit to sell your home?

Start a drive around your neighborhood, there are plenty of agents with local knowledge, who master the code of ethics and the standards of practice.

Where to Find Realtor Review

You can also ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations.  An agent who mainly works in tracts may be overwhelmed with the costly details of marketing a high-end property.

The agents should present their marketing plan and selling process for your property — including asking price range, advertising, staging, recommended property improvements.

The Marketing Presentation

The standard real estate commission in the U.S. is 6%, but many sellers pay less.

Real Estate Commission: How Much and Who Pays?

It's possible to sell your property with a full-service agent and pay less than 6% in commission fees.

How to Negotiate a Lower Real Estate Commission

Firms such as Clever Real Estate have turned the traditional selling model on its head. Agents who partner with Clever don't have to spend time drumming up business to focus on selling.


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