Selling a Home: How to Find a Good Realtor

You probably want representation when you sell your home but don’t have the time or experience to sell property independently. To close a sale to potential buyers, you need to have a solid strategy and the necessary skills.  

If you’re not an experienced property investor, look for an agent to represent you. But how do you find the right real estate agent that will be a good fit to sell your home? 

If you want to start buying and selling homes or simply just want to sell your house, how do you find a realtor to sell your house? 

Start a drive around your neighborhood, there are plenty of agents with local knowledge, who master the code of ethics and the standards of practice, and most of all, have a good track record. 

The agents who appear most often on “for sale” signs in your community know what features local buyers want, how your home compares to your competition, and how to price your property for a quick sale. 

You can also ask friends, family, and neighbors for recommendations. Find an agent who works mainly in your price range — a high-end realtor might not give a moderate-priced home as much attention as you like. 

An agent who mainly works in tracts may be overwhelmed with the costly details of marketing a high-end property. 

You may want to choose an agent with special education. Some agents also have certifications to show that they’ve completed additional training. 

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