Tips To Get The Most From Your Visit to a Junkyard

If you are in the market for used car parts or looking to sell your junk cars, you're in need of a quick rundown on junkyards.

Finding the most suitable yard for your situation requires more than a quick search on Google Maps. There will likely be many options nearby, and each local auto salvage yard or car flipping dealer has unique services and amenities, but how will you know which is most suitable?

To make it easier, we have created this complete guide to help you find the junkyard and car parts you need.

1. Remove the part you need to replace at home. Take it and the tools you used with you. Doing this helps you identify the exact part you need, and since you have the tools required to pull it yourself, you can get it at the lowest price.

2. Take additional tools in case you find anything else of interest. These can be left in your car as you want to avoid carrying tools around the yard or risk leaving them there.

3. Take your work clothes, boiler suit, and an old rug, sheet, or carpet. Removing the part may involve getting down and dirty under the car.

4. When you remove the part from the car in the junkyard, keep all the fasteners – nuts, bolts, washers, etc. You will certainly need these to fit the part to your vehicle.

5. Take some penetration oil to help you remove any stuck parts. If you forget, take a bit of brake fluid from one of the junkers.

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