Fallout 76 Critical Hits | How to Get

The V.A.T.S system in Fallout 76 plays differently compared to other titles in the series. While you can specifically target enemies to generate a critical meter, time doesn’t slow down.

Instead, a real-time mechanic forces the player to execute their strikes on-demand to land critical hits. If you’re having issues adapting to the critical hit system, we have some notes to check out.

How to Get Critical Hits in Fallout 76

To land critical hits, enter your V.A.T.S. system to target an enemy. You’ll see a certain percentage on them that indicates your chance for a critical.

While in V.A.T.S., execute your critical button if you have a good angle and shot at your foe. It all depends on how high the percentage is and how much fuel is in your critical meter.

Once you press your critical button (Y on Xbox, Triangle for PlayStation, Spacebar on PC), you’ll see if you were successful or not with a message from the game informing you that you’ve dealt a critical hit to an enemy.

The highest percentage that you can reach is 95%, and that’s usually the case for close-quarter combat.

Remember, the V.A.T.S. is a real-time mechanic for Fallout 76, so watch your timing and stepping when trying to land critical hits.

One of the quickest ways to increase your critical hit potential is to equip additional perk cards that deal with Luck. The Critical Savvy card allows critical hits to only consume 85% of your meter.

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