Getting Free Books Online is Easy! Here's How

You don't need to have an e-reader to read online. You can use various devices, including any web browser, multiple apps, like the Kindle app, and other e-reader devices. 

Here are some of the best places to get free books online. 


Since books are automatically returned on their return date, there is no chance of you forgetting to return them and having to pay fees. So this really is free. No money has to leave your hands to use Overdrive. 

Project Gutenberg 

It's an excellent resource for free ebooks, but it can be hard to find books you might be interested in reading if you don't know what you are looking for. 

Amazon Free ebooks

Yes. Amazon has kindle ebooks for free! Search for ebooks and sort from price low to high. Make sure to pick books that have $0.00 as the Kindle price. 

This is a website that allows you to download five free ebooks a month. That is an easy way to download and read free ebooks.