4 Ways To Get

a Free Carfax Report

A report costs $39.99. But, if you find yourself looking at multiple cars, this can quickly add up.

How Much Is a Carfax Report?

How To Get a Free Carfax Report


Use Carfax to Shop for a Used Car Each one of the vehicles listed on the Carfax website comes with a Carfax report.

2. Check With Car Dealers


Some dealerships have the report but don’t put it on the website for public viewing. A great used car dealer will ensure you get what you need.

3. Find Carfax Reports by Visiting Online Car Sites


Carfax is not the only online car website that offers reports. It may be worth the extra leg work to look at other local websites as well. 

What Does a Carfax Report Show You?

1. A Car’s History

The first year of VIN numbers was 1981. Since then, people have been able to track everything in a car’s history.  

2. If a Vehicle Has Been Damaged

If a vehicle has been damaged, it may change your mind about the future of the car.

3. A Vehicle’s Odometer History

One of the major issues people run into is the odometer. Tampering with an odometer is not legal, but it does happen.  

4. Vehicle History Report

The ownership allows you to see if this was a car passed from one person to the next or if it had one loyal owner.