How To Get Free Stocks – 13 Ways To Get Free Shares Today

Is a lack of money keep you from investing? 

So if you've been holding back until you save or earn more money, you're in the right place. Earning free stocks is one of the best ways to start investing, grow your investment portfolio, and build wealth.

13 Apps With a Free Stock Offer

M1 Finance is a Robo-advisor that is an excellent choice for beginners who want to start trading stocks. It allows you to buy and sell stocks without transaction fees.

1. M1 Finance

Besides, over 80 experts have created portfolios in which all users can invest. You can deposit money and let M1 Finance do the work for you, including rebalancing your portfolio. That's free automated investing.

Stash is a bank and micro-investing platform, which means they allow you to purchase parts of shares – called fractional shares – and start investing with their mobile app for as little as $5. In addition, they offer different financial products such as stocks, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and index funds.

2. Stash Invest

As a Stash user, you'll also get access to their educational resources to teach you how to build a diversified portfolio and a debit card. Instead of cash back, you will earn online stock when you spend using your Stash debit card, which is a great way to grow your investments without requiring substantial upfront capital.

Acorns is another app that offers free stock to new users. You will get up to $5 added to your account when you sign up for Acorns.

3. Acorns

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