How to Get Out of a Timeshare Without Getting Scammed: 5 DIY Way

While 7 out of 8 U.S. timeshares owners are satisfied, one-in-four Americans have trouble paying their bills. 

A timeshare invoice is probably placed at the bottom of a stack of bills in a world of tough choices. 

Did you know that ending your timeshare contract is something that you can do on your own?

This is The Way. 

Use Your rescission Period

You need to notify them in writing within your rescission period. The contents of a recession letter vary by resort, and the details can be found in your timeshare contract. 

Most large resorts and chains have timeshare exit programs for owners who do not have an outstanding loan on their timeshare. If you are done with mortgage payments, the fastest timeshare exit strategy is through your home resort. 

Get Out via a Deedback Program

The best way to find your company is through the American Resort Development Association’s Safe Exit website that guides timeshare owners through the timeshare exit process. Many people reported giving their timeshare back, quickly, for absolutely free!