How To Get Your First Order on Fiverr Fast

Due to the growing demand for freelance work, platforms like Fiverr are flourishing. For side hustlers and full-timers alike, Fiverr is an excellent option for finding clients.

Finding your first gig on Fiverr can take time and effort. For example, if you need money as soon as possible, you might try certain gigs that out of desperation. Unfortunately, this is not a sustainable way to establish yourself as a freelancer.

When you get these right, you will be on your way to making your first sale on Fiverr.

Try looking for entrepreneurial groups looking for freelancers to offer your services (popular on Facebook). Or simply post an announcement to your favorite channels.

You Need To Be Marketing

This makes it easier to find work since you know what the buyer wants, and you can alter your description to serve them specifically. Plus, you will apply to them directly, increasing your chances of visibility.

Check The Buyer Requests Section

This is an opportunity for you to display the services you offer to buyers, so make sure your profile is well-articulated.

Utilize The New Seller Section on Fiverr

As a newbie, set an attractive price for your service. It may be challenging to find work if your service is at a higher price point and you don’t have references yet.

Make Your First Prices Appealing

You can include added benefits or bonuses for buying your service in your gig description. This will help you appeal to the buyer in a way that they believe they are getting more for the price they are paying than they deserve.

Give Something for Free

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