How To Invest Money Like a Boss

(8 Steps To Start Investing)

Maybe you landed the killer promotion or destroyed some debt, and now you finally have free cash flow. Congratulations! Now it is time to learn how to invest money like a boss.

Now you're ready to save and invest. But you're not sure how to invest your money. I have good news.

I'm going to introduce you to six basic steps on how to invest your money. It will be unlike many other “how-to” articles on investing.

Understanding these goals is essential because they may impact how you invest. For example, if you currently carry a lot of high-interest debt, you might prioritize paying that off before investing.

Set Your Financial Goals

Many people use spreadsheets to budget. If you're not a spreadsheet person, consider some budgeting apps available. and You Need a Budget (YNAB) are two of the most popular.

Work From a Budget

Your budget tells you how much you can save and invest. That's the foundation that must be in place to ensure you can contribute a consistent amount to grow your wealth.

Determine How Much You Can Save/Invest

Most people considering investing their money should look at retirement accounts first. Remember, this is after you've set your budget, created your emergency fund, and determined how much you can invest each month.

Find The Right Type of Account

If you're investing in your employer's retirement plan, your options are available in the program. In most plans, these are mutual funds.

Find The Best Investment Options

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