How To Make Money as a Kid: 25 Ways

Making money can be a fun and rewarding experience for children. There are many different ways they can do it too. This list is packed with novel ideas to encourage your child's entrepreneurial development.

If nothing else, these activities may kids inspiration to pursue new hobbies and discover their hidden talents!

People enjoy watching others playing video games and are willing to pay for it. You can earn income from Twitch in two ways: advertising revenue and donations from viewers.

Twitch Streaming

Recycling is a classic way to make money (and one you can do even if you're a grown-up)! Simply collect aluminum cans from your neighbors or find them around your town. Then, take them to your local recycling center and trade them in for cash.

Recycle Cans for Cash

Selling lemonade is a classic summertime activity for kids. You only need a pitcher of lemonade, cups, and a table. Set up your stand near a park or playground. Then start selling.

Have a Lemonade Stand

Have any old clothes you don't wear anymore? Sell them online. All you need to do is create an account, list your items for sale, and wait for someone to buy them.

Sell Unwanted Clothes Online

Doing chores is another excellent way to make money as a kid. You can offer your services to family and friends or even start your own business. Some ideas for chores include lawn mowing, dog walking, leaf raking, snow shoveling, and washing cars.

Chores Around the House or Neighborhood

If you're a straight-A student, you can make money by tutoring other kids. There are always parents out there looking for extra help for their children.

Tutor Other Kids

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